October Officer Meeting

October 3, 2019

Master list of inventory is up to date. Reviewed finances and inventories in preparation for National Weather Festival.

September’s general meeting and social event was reviewed. O’Connell’s was $610 for the event and largely successful. The management showed interest in hosting Groundhog Day. Most well attended social event thus far.

Discussed AMS centennial 100 member movement. This would be record-breaking membership levels. Discussed the breakdown of membership among classes and potential areas for improvement.

Discussed current financial health. Dr. Disaster will be added to the weather friends’ shirts line up for NWF this year. It will cost $556 in total. 15 YS-YL, 15 S-L, 10 XL. Due to the new shirts and general rising cost, we voted to increase t-shirt prices by $5 (11 for, 3 abstain).

YouTube channel has hit a snag that is currently under investigation. The weather friends will be making their first visit to Wilson Elementary on October 17, we are looking into having a live-stream of this event.

Discussed remaining events for the semester and ideas for the October social event, ended up canceling October social event. Discussed recruiting volunteers for NWF. People working the table or a Weather Friend have them fill out the form and they will be pulled later. Volunteer forms are due on October 11.

We changed the topic of the November meeting to be about the SMART Radar team because COCAMS was unable to meet at the new date. We are going to try to coordinate in the spring. Discussed the date of the graduate application workshop and set up for the pie the professor event. We also decided to order from Pizza Shop for the October general meeting, with the order identical to the one for September. Gave an update on the chapter poster.