March Officer Meeting

March 3, 2020

Amendment Update: We revised Article XI, and voted it in unanimously. We are also taking a look at our active membership, by attending 66% of all of our general meetings and be a part of a service project once a semester has been revised to be 66% attendance of general meetings and at least one service project a year. On top of this, any additional service projects done will makeup one missed meeting. Next, the conference travel fund will be a monetary value of $400 up front with specific criteria to be determined. We hope to get this sorted out by AMS 2021. Our current budget is in fine standing, and we are looking to stock up on more merchandise (specifically pet tornadoes) as well as fund food for our last two general meetings. In other news, our time capsule will be postponed to next year to celebrate our 60th anniversary. Elizabeth, in charge of Outreach, is looking to Adopt-A-Highway, be on the look out for that!

The next meeting is March 11h at 6pm in room 1313 with Gina Dixon over Mental Health in STEM. This will be open and free for ALL STEM majors, and pizza and soft drinks will be provided. 

Our April Social Event will be various tour times for RIL throughout the first full week of April. 

The April General Meeting will be April 15th or 16th at 6:30pm in 1313 with David Bodine/Matt Flournoy. This will also be the meeting in which officer positions for 2020-2021 are voted on. To run for an officer position you must be an active member, and to run for President you must have served on the board 2019-2020. Food will be announced closer to the meeting time.