April Officer Meeting

April 7, 2020

the active member definition will be changed to include service projects yearly instead of semesterly as well as each additional service project can make up for a missed meeting. Vote was unanimous towards the amendment passing, 11-0. Next, the travel award will be an annual minimum of $200 to a board picked member in good standing traveling to a conference, with applications being approved of by our advisor. Vote was unanimous towards this amendment passing, 11-0.
All that’s left this year is our general meeting April 15th with Dr. David Bodine- virtually at 6:30pm CDT. This fall we may be releasing a new t-shirt design, more updates to come. Nominations are still ongoing, email Tyler or SCAN with the position you’re pursuing, or why you want to stay on the board. Voting will happen between April 13th-15th via google form. 

March General Meeting

March 11, 2020


We are working on new merchandise so stay tuned for future updates! A goal we’ve had is to win the AMS Student Chapter of the Year and our President Tyler Stanfield presented to us the accomplishments we’ve had this year to hopefully achieve this. We are also considering a constitutional amendment to change the definition of an active member – moving from one service event per semester to one service event during the year. All additional service events will count toward making up missed general meetings! In addition, officer elections will be held next month so be on the look out for future announcements via email.

Gina Dixon is a licensed professional counselor, speaking about Mental Health in STEM. She talked about the differences in anxiety and stress. In addition to this she talked about how importance of a healthy diet, adequate amounts of sleep, exercise, and living a balanced lifestyle can help your mental health. She also talked about anxiety and depression. At the end of the meeting, an anonymous Q&A was done to allow students to ask more pointed questions. Resources to get help, along with information about the resources available to deal with anxiety, stress and depression were passed out.