September Officer Meeting

All officers were present at the September Officer Meeting. The first order of business was amending the tiebreaker clause within the SCAN Constitution. The addition changes the endless cycle of run-off elections. The new amendment will have two run-off elections, and if there is still a tie, the SCAN board will fill the position. This amendment was passed by a unanimous vote of the eleven (11) voting board members.

We are looking at different ways to donate to help with relief for Hurricane Laura. We hope to have a GoFundMe to automatically donate to the desired organization. We are looking into having rewards that might involving professors similar to last year’s pie in the face.

We welcomed three new officers to the SCAN board this week. The two Freshman Representatives are Sara Raffel and Preston Roesslet, and the new Graduate Student Representative is Brandon Cohen.

We are planning a Virtual Trivia Night for our September Social Event via Kahoot. The current date for the Trivia Night will be on Thursday, September 24th at 7:00 pm. There will be both a meteorological knowledge and pop culture knowledge Kahoot. 

Our next general meeting is on October 6th at 6:30 pm. We will be having Bill Walsh speak about broadcast meteorology and his background in the military. He also won an Emmy for his reporting on Hurricane Hugo. Look out for an email from SCAN regarding the zoom link for the meeting closer to the end of the month.

Finally, as of the OWL/SCAN Joint meeting, we currently have 70 members in SCAN. There are 27 Freshman, 15 Sophomores, 14 Juniors, 9 Seniors, and 5 Graduate Students. However, we hope to have more people involved once we return to in-person general meetings which will hopefully occur in the Spring 2021 semester.