March Officer Meeting

This is our last meeting with solely this year’s SCAN Board. The last officer meeting (April 15th) will have our new board members after the Elections on April 8th.

The April General Meeting might feature Dr. Kloesel and it will definitely help with elections occurring during the same meeting.

We have a social event on March 25th at 6 pm CT/7 pm ET with Cornell. The officers will put a poll in the Members GroupMe to see if the OU members would prefer an icebreaker or Weather Jeopardy format for the social event.

The Big Event is on April 10th from 9 am – 2 pm. Make sure to register and get your friends to register. The deadline to register is March 26th, and this will count as a service event toward active membership.

Financially, we are currently still in a good financial situation for the transition moving forward.

If you would like to run for a position, please fill out a SCAN Board Election Application Form which lays out the requirements for each position. Nominees for President has to be a member of the previous year’s board. All other major positions must be enrolled through the Spring Semester. Study Abroad students cannot apply for these positions. Furthermore, only Active Members can vote in the elections. So, if you have questions regarding your status, please contact a SCAN Board Member, and they will be able to get back to you regarding your status.