April Officer Meeting

The current board voted on 7 constitutional amendments to make the constitution more robust moving forward. Each amendment was unanimously passed. An updated constitution will be uploaded to our website soon.

Our last social event will be held with the New Student Mentoring Program on April 20 at 7 pm CDT.

For the 2021-2022 year, we sent out a poll to see what members thought about the semester. We got a total of 56 responses with representation from all five classes with the most responses from Sophomores (42.9%) and the least from Graduate Students (5.3%). 92.9% of responses indicated that people planned on being a SCAN member again next year. 55.4% of responses said that their favorite part of SCAN this past year was the general meetings while 44.6% said the social events were their favorite. 48.2% of responses indicated that they would like to see more social events, and 41.4% said they would like to have more diverse topics in the general meetings.

The old and new board discussed different things to do moving forward and different ways to continue to help SCAN be successful.