May Officer Meeting

We opened the meeting with a moment of cuteness to help relieve us from the stress of final grades being posted. Leia shared some pictures of her dog!

Once each officer had introduced themselves to the rest of the board, Leia discussed her plan for better organization within the board. Since having two Vice Presidents is uncharted territory for OU SCAN, we are going to have committees within the board this year. The Committees are as follows:

  • Representative Committee
    • Leia Otterstatter (President)
      • Graduate Representative (TBD)
      • Ben Kassel (Senior Class Rep.)
      • Joseph Rotondo (Junior Class Rep.)
      • Savannah Southward (Sophomore Class Rep.)
      • 2 Incoming Freshmen Representatives (TBD)
  • Internal Committee
    • Katie Giannakopoulos (VP of Internal Affairs)
      • Preston Roesslet (Secretary)
      • Hunter Martinez-Buehrer (Treasurer)
      • Kaitlyn Edelmaier (Historian)
      • A possible new position: OWL/SCAN Liaison (TBD)
  • External (Outreach) Committee
    • Marcus Ake (VP of External Affairs)
      • Peyton Galyean (Publicist)
      • Brady Fox (Deputy of Media)
      • Sara Raffel (Outreach Coordinator)
      • New Position: Apparel/Fundraiser Chair (TBD)

Leia discussed her expectations of the new board including effective communication, accountability, and leading by example. She then discussed ideas for apparel with us. We have a couple options for ordering apparel – we can simply make a bulk order, or we can do a fundraiser through Custom Ink. We are also thinking about having some options only available to officer’s that will include their position on the SCAN board.

We had one Constitutional Amendment to vote on tonight which was adding the position of the Apparel/Fundraising Chair. This will be an appointed position, and the person in this position will be responsible for fulfilling orders from the OU SCAN Website, making designs for apparel, and organizing fundraisers. Everybody in attendance voted yes, which means this amendment passed and we will have an Apparel/Fundraising Chair on the board!

At the end of the meeting, we took 10 minutes to meet with our committees and discuss our goals for the upcoming year. Here are the goals we all came up with:

  • Have more attendance (especially the class of 2024 and 2025)
  • Have a Freshman Meet and Greet
  • Have a wider spread of speakers/meeting topics
  • Have in person social events with proper guidance
  • Have Officer/Committee Events
  • Social media takeovers
  • BIG Event volunteering
  • Get Weather Friends back in action and have more community engagement