January Officer Meeting

Leia opened the meeting by showing us the calendar for this semester. 

  • Feb. 9th: Officer Meeting
  • Feb. 18th: Social Event
  • Feb. 21st: General Meeting
  • March 9th: Officer Meeting
  • March 25th: Social Event
  • March 28th: General Meeting
  • April 2nd: Big Event
  • April 13th: Officer Meeting
  • April 15th: Social Event
  • April 18th: General Meeting

Next Leia went over the budget, which was unanimously approved by the attending board members.

For the February general meeting, we plan to have a Climate Research Scientist from Columbia University or NASA. For food, we will have Chipotle and the attendance prize will be Valentine’s themed.

Our March general meeting will be with Landon Aydlett who is a Tropical/Risk and Crisis Communication Expert. We will have Olive Garden for food, and the prize will be a spring break party pack (glow sticks, beach ball, frisbee, snacks, etc).

For the April general meeting, we want to have someone from the private sector or NOAA Corps. For food, we will have Pickleman’s. We will have a “best attendance” prize which will be a weather-themed gift basket, and the regular attendance prize will be a Galileo thermometer or a storm glass.

Our February social event will be a joint event with another AMS chapter (FSU or Penn State). 

Our March social event will be a game show night! We will be playing family feud.

The April Social event will be another trivia night like last semester. We will do meteorology, pop culture, Disney, OU, etc. We will use either Kahoot or BanjoBug.

This semester Asst Dean Owusu has asked us to participate in monthly DEI training along with other student leaders.

We also want to have OU SCAN Alumni social media taker-overs. We could do this once a month, and have OU SCAN Alumni post about why they joined SCAN, how it helped them, what they’re doing now, advice for current students, etc. 

We could also have local restaurant fundraising nights either once a month or twice a semester at Baked Bear, Chipotle, or even Pickleman’s.