March Officer Meeting

This was our first officer meeting in person since Covid started! We opened the meeting with some ice breakers for us to do something fun at the beginning.

We then started by going over and voting on three new amendments to add to the constitution. The first amendment was the Vice President Co-Positions amendment. The amendment states as follows:

First: Co-Positions

This provision cannot occur regarding the office of the President, Vice President of Internal Affairs, and Vice President of External Affairs of the OU SCAN Board. All other elected positions can select this option.

This amendment passed 11-0, with one board member absent due to class obligations.

The next amendment we voted on was the Transitional Fundraiser Period Amendment. This amendment states as follows:

“If the need for a fundraiser arises in the transition period of the boards the two boards will hold a meeting to discuss how they wish to spend their funds and/or conduct a fundraiser.”

This amendment passed 11-0, with one board member absent due to class obligations.

The third amendment we voted on was the Freshman and Graduate Representative Elections amendment. This amendment states as follows:

Nominees for Class Representatives should be members of the curriculum class they are running for by the fall semester of the same year. Representatives can only be voted on by members of their respective classes. Freshmen and Graduate Representative elections will occur via a virtual vote.  The nominations will begin on the day of the meeting and close exactly one week later.  The following day, voting will open and will close one week from that day. Voting will be held in the fall semester by a simple majority of active members of their class who are in attendance at the meeting.

  • Note: This allows both freshmen and graduate students to understand the conditions of being a student leader within OU SCAN and allows them to learn about the position to decide if they want to commit to the leadership position.”

This amendment passed 11-0, with one board member absent due to class obligations

Our March social event will be on March 25th. We will be playing Family Feud and have Pickleman’s catering for food. March 28th is our General Meeting with Landon Aydlett, and we will be catering Olive Garden. 

Nominations for next year’s board will open on April 9th and Voting will begin on April 17th. 

The Big Event is April 2nd from 10 am – 2 pm and the Spring game does not conflict with it. If you haven’t signed up, be sure to do so before March 11th at midnight!

Our next officer meeting will be on April 13th at 7 PM.