Emergency Amendment Meeting

The officer board met to discuss an amendment to clarify what the definition of a meeting is considered to be and what active status looks like for members. For the remainder of this school year, only general meetings will count toward attendance and social events will be counted as extra attendance. This amendment was created to more clearly define what an active member is considered to be and what meetings members are expected to attend in order to be considered active.

The following amendment was passed by all attending board members: 

A. Active Member – An individual who has paid their dues to the organization, attends at least 66% of  general meetings, and one (1) social event per semester, and participates in at least one service project each year through the organization. Each additional service event can be used to make-up for a missed meeting, which includes but is not limited to, Little Event, Big Event, food drives, FEMA courses, Weather Friends events, etc. OU SCAN officers may create service events for chapter members and those events/opportunities must be approved by the President and Vice Presidents. Active members of the previous semester who are studying abroad will retain their active membership status and not owe dues for that semester.

Note: A meeting is defined as, “an assembly of people, especially the members of a society or committee, for discussion or entertainment.” (Oxford Languages Dictionary)”

This amendment passed 11-0 and will take effect on May 1, 2022.

Members still concerned about maintaining active status will be able to complete FEMA courses to make up for missed meetings.