April General Meeting

This month we had 2 guest speakers: A broadcast meteorologist from KOCO – Taylor Cox and a CIWRO Research Meteorologist – Dr. Matt Flournoy.

Taylor talked a little bit about her career path and how she got to KOCO. She then talked a little bit about her day-to-day schedule including some of the reporting she does during the week and the importance of communication. If you have any questions for Taylor, you can email her at taylor.cox@hearts.com. KOCO is also taking internships, and you can email jcarlisle@hearst.com if you are interested!

Dr. Flournoy talked a bit about his path to working at CIWRO. He then talked about some of the research he is doing right now including a brief explanation of supercell dynamics. He also talked a little bit about TORUS. He walked us through some forecasting scenarios for previous events and talked a little bit about how to decide when/where to go for field projects. If you have any questions for Matt, you can email him at matthew.flournoy@noaa.gov

Leia gave a brief overview of all the events we have done this year including the many service events we have done. 

The Weather Friends Book Fair will be on April 28th and 29th from 9 AM-6 PM! This is open to anybody OU affiliated, so feel free to bring friends to come see the NWC, buy some books, and participate in fun weather trivia!

We gave away our attendance prize for the night and then ate Pickleman’s during our awards ceremony!