July Officer Meeting

At the beginning of the meeting Leia went over the result from the poll she sent out. The top three meeting topics were as follows: National Severe Storms Laboratory, Oklahoma Mesonet, and Academia/Research. We also had several people that are interested in learning more about the Accelerated Meteorology/MBA program. Our number one social event idea was the OU Campus Ghost Tour. We have scheduled this for October 22nd. The rest of the ideas on the poll were all pretty much tied including another joint social event with another SCAN Chapter, a Meteorology/NWC themed escape room, and a couple others.

The President of OWL, Claire Doyle, joined us to discuss our meet and greet/joint meeting ideas. We decided to go ahead and have one event the second week of class from 5PM to 8PM. The first hour will be our presentation and elections, and then we will go outside for yard games, food trucks, raffles, and much more fun!

We discussed whether we want to participate in the student involvement fair on August 17th and the consensus was that it sounds like a good idea if we have enough officers that can be there, but we would like to have some more information about it before we decide for sure.

There will be a Graduate School Information Event sometime between August 30th and September 10th. Ms. Danika Hines-Barnett will be leading this event and is planning on having It in person as long as it is safe, and people are comfortable with that. She will be discussing the application process (including the timeline from start to finish), an overview of the Meteorology Graduate Program, as well as some tips and tricks to apply successfully.

Hunter gave an overview of the budget and while some of the amounts are still estimates, we believe that we will have about $2,000 for the next SCAN board to use. We are going to prioritize SGA funding as well as member dues and we will be able to have several catering events and even have an AMS travel fund scholarship!

We discussed how we want to run our merchandise shop this year. We have decided that we will open an Etsy shop so that we can organize it a little bit more, as well as get rid of some of the extra steps that were required with the previous set-up. It will also make it easier for people to purchase items. We will be including thank you cards with all our orders – the design of these is still up in the air. We had a couple ideas consisting of ordering a professionally made card as well as hand making our own.