About Us


The University of Oklahoma Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association is an independent student-run organization at the University of Oklahoma that was established in 1961. The purpose of this organization is to provide educational, professional, social, and service opportunities for University of Oklahoma students interested in meteorology. It is also meant to provide community awareness regarding weather. Monthly meetings are held during the semester on the second Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. in NWC 1313. At these meetings students will hear from a speaker from the meteorological community, as well as go over details for upcoming events, whether they be social or service events.

Download our constitution here


Leia Otterstatter

Major: Meteorology
Year: Senior
Hometown: Stafford, Virginia

Why I joined SCAN:I joined SCAN to be around other like-minded individuals who enjoy meteorology and learning about weather just as much as I do. Not only are you able to explore a variety of meteorological topics, but you can also spend time with your peers at social events.
Interests: Graphic design, gardening, and crafting.
Favorite Type of Weather: I enjoy studying severe weather; however, I do appreciate a sunny day with a nice breeze.
Interesting Fact: The Mid-Atlantic Derecho in June 2012 hit my county and lightning struck a tree in my front yard!

Marcus Ake

Vice President of External Affairs
Major: Meteorology, Mathematics, and German
Year: Junior
Hometown: Belton, Texas

Why I joined SCAN: SCAN is such a great place to meet other members of the OU Community with similar career aspirations.
Interests: I love gardening, traveling, and playing soccer!
Favorite Type of Weather: I am a huge tornado fan
Interesting Fact: I’m Austrian-American, and I am a Dr. Pepper tuition throw winner!

Katie Giannakopoulos

Vice President of Internal Affairs
: Meteorology
Year: Senior
Amherst, New Hampshire

Why I joined SCAN: SCAN is a great opportunity to not only meet other students within the SoM, but connect with professionals from the NWC and beyond.
Interests: Singing/theatre, volunteering, hanging out with my friends
Favorite Type of Weather: Anything but snow.
Interesting Fact: I’ve sang in 4 operas and been in 14 plays/musicals.

Preston Roesslet

Major: Meteorology
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Nixa, Missouri

Why I joined SCAN: I love weather and SCAN is a great way to meet and interact with other people that also love weather!
Interests: Photography, I play guitar, I’m a huge electronics nerd and I love programming.
Favorite Type of Weather: Severe Storms
Interesting Fact: I love to travel and someday I want to take a trip all across the country and visit every state in one trip.

Hunter Martinez-Buehrer

Major: Meteorology
Year: Senior
Hometown: Norman, Oklahoma

Why I joined SCAN: To be more involved in an organization and community to better it for the future.
Interests: Sports, Music, Comic Books, Working Out
Favorite Type of Weather: Sunny and 75
Interesting Fact: I am originally from Ohio and grew up in a small town of only 380 people!


Peyton Galyean

Major: Meteorology
Year: Junior
Hometown: League City, Texas

Why I joined SCAN: To connect with more people in meteorology!
Interests: Golf and shopping
Favorite Type of Weather: Hurricanes
Interesting Fact: I’ve done a live forecast on Good Morning America!

Kaitlyn Edelmaier

Historian/Webmaster & Outreach Coordinator
Major: Meteorology
Year: Junior
Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Why I joined SCAN: I joined SCAN because I wanted to meet more people and learn from professionals in the field.
Interests: Reading, volunteering, doing puzzles, and programming.
Favorite Type of Weather: Severe weather
Interesting Fact: In the past 3 years, I have lived in Nebraska, Maryland, Texas, Oklahoma, and Washington.

Bruce Pollock

Major: Meteorology
Year: Junior
Hometown: Houston, Texas

Why I joined SCAN: To give back to my community both within the major and beyond.
Interests: Reading books, playing video games, and trying new food.
Favorite Type of Weather:Tropical Weather
Interesting Fact: I’ve now experience tropical weather in two different basins. The Atlantic Ocean and the Western Pacific!

Andrew Messersmith

Deputy of Media
Major: Meteorology
Year: Junior
Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Why I joined SCAN: I’m looking forward to helping plan exciting activities and help grow the organization!
Interests: I play violin, golf, and basketball
Favorite Type of Weather: Tropical Weather
Interesting Fact: I’ve been playing violin for 15 years.


Bradley Lamkin

Graduate Representative 
Major: Meteorology
Year: Graduate
Hometown: Falls Church, Virginia

Why I joined SCAN: I was a member of my previous University’s chapter of AMS/NWA, and I felt like it was an important part of my undergrad experience. I wanted to continue spreading my love for Meteorology and give back to the undergraduate program at OU.
Interests: Tennis, swimming, hanging out with friends, forecasting.
Favorite Type of Weather: Tropical cyclones and tornadoes.
Interesting Fact: I am an only child and our high school tennis teams won the state championship.

Benjamin Kassel

Senior Representative
Major: Meteorology
Year: Senior
Hometown: Yucaipa, California

Why I joined SCAN: I joined OU SCAN to make connections with people in the club as well as opportunities within Meteorology. I also joined to do some community service.
Interests: Watching sports, traveling, and hiking
Favorite Type of Weather: Severe Weather and Marine Weather
Interesting Fact: I am from Southern California and take short mountain trips frequently when I’m there.

Joseph Rotondo

Junior Representative
Major: Meteorology and Mathematics
Hometown: Sandwich, Massachusetts

Why I joined SCAN: To help better serve my fellow classmates and connect with those outside of my specific graduating class.
Interests: Music (alto sax), soccer, video games, and baking.
Favorite Type of Weather: Winter weather
Interesting Fact: I can perform some tricks with a Chinese yo-yo


Savannah Southward

Sophomore Representative
Major: Meteorology 
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Saltillo, Mississippi

Why I joined SCAN: I joined to gain valuable knowledge from those currently in the field as well as to surround myself with others who have a passion for meteorology!
Interests: Photography, collecting vinyl, and playing guitar.
Favorite Type of Weather: Aside from severe weather, I am a fan of snow!
Interesting Fact: At Mississippi’s State Theatre competition in 2020, I placed 1st in Duet Acting!

Andrew Muehr

Freshman Representative
Major: Meteorology
Hometown: Greendale, Wisconsin

Why I joined SCAN: I joined SCAN to get to know and be involved with as many of my fellow meteorology students as possible, and to expose myself to new research and topics of meteorology. 
Interests: I am on the OU Club Soccer Team. I love to run and be active (did cross country and track in high school). I love music and singing, and I have a strong interest in Geography.
Favorite Type of Weather: The leading edge of a bow echo that you have been watching on radar for hours, knowing it was going to hit you.
Interesting Fact: I saw my first tornado while driving to OU

Parker Alvstad

Freshman Representative
Major: Meteorology
Hometown: Windom, Minnesota

Why I joined SCAN: I joined SCAN to be a part of a positive learning environment containing people with similar interests to me. SCAN is a place where I hope to grow my knowledge in the field of meteorology.
Interests: Golf, Wiffle Ball, theatre, singing, U.S. Geography.
Favorite Type of Weather:  Severe Weather
Interesting Fact: I got 10th place at the MN State Speech tournament my senior year. I spent hours studying road networks on Google Earth.