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The University of Oklahoma Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association is an independent student-run organization at the University of Oklahoma that was established in 1961. The purpose of this organization is to provide educational, professional, social, and service opportunities for University of Oklahoma students interested in meteorology. It is also meant to provide community awareness regarding weather. Monthly meetings are held during the semester on the second Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. in NWC 1313. At these meetings students will hear from a speaker from the meteorological community, as well as go over details for upcoming events, whether they be social or service events.

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Savannah Southward

Major: Meteorology
Year: Junior
Hometown: Tupelo, Mississippi

Why I joined SCAN: Coming to OU from out-of-state, I joined SCAN my freshman year to establish friendships with fellow members. In the process, I learned from those within the meteorological community and had opportunities to give back to the OU Norman community!
Interests: Playing or listening to music, photography, vinyl collecting, and being an avid hockey fanatic.
Favorite Type of Weather: Thunderstorms in the evenings because it is very much aesthetically pleasing.
Interesting Fact: During the junior year of high school, I qualified for the state track championships in pole vaulting on a sprained ankle!

Marcus Ake

Vice President of External Affairs
Major: Meteorology, Mathematics, and German
Year: Senior
Hometown: Belton, Texas

Why I joined SCAN: SCAN is such a great place to meet other members of the OU Community with similar career aspirations.
Interests: I love gardening, traveling, and playing soccer!
Favorite Type of Weather: I am a huge tornado fan.
Interesting Fact: I’m Austrian-American, and I am a Dr. Pepper tuition throw winner!

Matthew Varela

Vice President of Internal Affairs
: Meteorology
Year: Senior
Round Rock, Texas

Why I joined SCAN: I joined SCAN during my freshman year to discover the variety of jobs available within our field of meteorology. I was also drawn to SCAN by the service and social aspects that the organization has to offer.
Interests: Running, hiking, visiting new places, and giving back to my community.
Favorite Type of Weather: My favorite type of weather is hurricanes because I find these vast systems so interesting and unique. From wind to storm surge to flooding to rainfall, one storm has the potential to affect millions of people.
Interesting Fact: I studied abroad in Reading, England during this past spring. It was an amazing experience to take meteorology classes in a different country and be able to explore Europe!

Preston Roesslet

Major: Meteorology
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Nixa, Missouri

Why I joined SCAN: I love weather and SCAN is a great way to meet and interact with other people that also love weather!
Interests: Photography, I play guitar, I’m a huge electronics nerd and I love programming.
Favorite Type of Weather: Severe Storms
Interesting Fact: I love to travel and someday I want to take a trip all across the country and visit every state in one trip.

Andrew Kenny

Major: Meteorology
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Why I joined SCAN: I joined SCAN because I wanted to meet other great people who were also interested in weather. I found the environment super welcoming and enjoyable, so I clearly made the right choice!
Interests: Swimming, Board Games
Favorite Type of Weather: 80 degrees or more and sunny is the perfect weather for swimming. I’m also perpetually cold so the warmth is nice.
Interesting Fact: I’ve been a competitive swimmer for over 10 years. I have a school record at my high school.


Alexa Dringus

Major: Broadcast Meteorology
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Waretown, New Jersey

Why I joined SCAN: Not only did I join SCAN because my passions lie within meteorology, but I also joined because I wanted to make friends. SCAN has made me feel incredibly welcomed and helped me create friendships that will last a lifetime.
Interests: I enjoy cooking healthy meals, working out and playing basketball!
Favorite Type of Weather: My favorite weather type has to be a thunderstorm. I love watching the storms come in over the water and enjoying the day in with my family.
Interesting Fact: I have two pet chihuahuas: one is a ginger and the other is a blue chihuahua.

Joseph Rotondo

Major: Meteorology and Mathematics
Year: Senior
Hometown: Sandwich, Massachusetts

Why I joined SCAN: To help better serve my fellow classmates and connect with those outside of my specific graduating class.
Interests: Music (alto sax), soccer, video games, and baking.
Favorite Type of Weather: Winter weather
Interesting Fact: I just completed a NASA intership this past summer :).

Kaitlyn Edelmaier

Outreach Coordinator
Major: Meteorology
Year: Senior
Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Why I joined SCAN: I joined SCAN because I wanted to meet more people and learn from professionals in the field. This organization also promotes networking with other meteorology students across the country at other universities.
Interests: Reading, volunteering, doing puzzles, and programming.
Favorite Type of Weather: Severe weather because I grew up in the midwest, and I find tornadoes fascinating.
Interesting Fact: In the past 4 years, I have lived 5 different states.


Deputy of Media

Why I joined SCAN:
Favorite Type of Weather:
Interesting Fact:


Jack Shumaker

Apparel/Fundraising Chair 
Major: Meteorology
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Sterling, Virginia

Why I joined SCAN: I’ve always had a passion for meteorology. Joining SCAN was a way for me to get more involved with the meteorology community both here at OU and beyond.
Interests: Hiking, biking, watching football and hockey, traveling
Favorite Type of Weather: Thunderstorms. I love seeing and hearing them come in, and then I love the ambiance they provide.
Interesting Fact: I’ve been to 40 of the 50 states.

Leia Otterstatter

Senior Representative
Major: Meteorology
Year: Senior
Hometown: Stafford, Virginia

Why I joined SCAN: I joined SCAN to be around other like-minded individuals who enjoy meteorology and learning about weather just as much as I do. Not only are you able to explore a variety of meteorological topics, but you are able to build connections with professionals in the field while also getting to know your peers.
Interests: Photography, crafting, and projection mapping
Favorite Type of Weather: I enjoy studying severe weather; however, I do appreciate a sunny day with a nice breeze.
Interesting Fact: My college roommate is a toy poodle!

Mara Davis

Junior Representative
Major: Meteorology
Hometown: Lakeville, Minnesota

Why I joined SCAN: The reason I joined SCAN was to really help myself get out into the weather community here on campus! I also was very eager to be able to expand my knowledge and connections with everyone I would be able to meet by joining this organization.
Interests: Reading, being outdoors, drawing
Favorite Type of Weather: My favorite is winter weather as being from Minnesota, I fell in love with snow and blizzards!
Interesting Fact: I played soccer for 14 years.


Parker Alvstad

Sophomore Representative
Major: Meteorology 
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Windom, Minnesota

Why I joined SCAN: I joined SCAN to get involved in my major and make connections with other people. SCAN provides opportunities to learn about different aspects of meteorology I hadn’t considered until joining.
Interests: Golf, marble racing, mowing, Mario Kart, recorder
Favorite Type of Weather: Severe Weather: I like the little details that have to come into place for it to happen. I want to learn more about it as I continue through the major.
Interesting Fact: I can play “My Heart Will Go On” on the recorder.

Reagan Mendeke

Freshman Representative
Major: Meteorology
Hometown: Denton, Texas

Why I joined SCAN: I joined SCAN in order to establish a community with the people who love weather as much as I do. The opportunities to serve and give back to not only my fellow classmates but Norman in general is extremely appealing as well. 
Interests: Hiking, playing or listening to music, kayaking, and baking
Favorite Type of Weather: Definitely severe weather since that’s what I grew up watching and experiencing on my front porch in North Texas.
Interesting Fact: My great great grandfather was the cupbearer for King Maximilian in Mexico.

Ethan Stroberg

Freshman Representative
Major: Meteorology
Hometown: Chula Vista, CA

Why I joined SCAN: I joined SCAN seeking friendships, new connections, and opportunities within the meteorology community at OU. It’s an organization where I can learn and grow with the people I meet, and I can collaborate with new friends to further our understanding of something we are all passionate about.
Interests: I play several instruments and produce music, and I enjoy running, camping/hiking/backpacking, and photography
Favorite Type of Weather: Thunderstorms and tornadoes, because we rarely experience any thunderstorms in coastal SoCal, and definitely no tornadoes, so I’ve always been excited to see a tornado for the first time.
Interesting Fact: I am an Eagle Scout and was elected into the Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s national honor society.