September Officer Meeting

We opened the meeting with introductions for our new board members. Leia gave a brief overview of each committee and then gave some general expectations for the SCAN board members. Katie also gave some expectations for board members and their roles. Leia then went over our member distribution and then went over the SCAN calendar for the remainder of the Fall semester. We discussed the AMS conference. There will be a breakfast for all chapter officers, and Leia asked which members would likely be in attendance at the conference. 

Hunter discussed the SCAN budget. It has been very tricky to get in contact with the bank, but he did finally get access to the account. We discussed the amount in the account, and how much money we earned at the Joint meeting with OWL. He then went on to discuss the budget for this Fall and the board voted on it. It was unanimously passed. 

Next Bruce discussed the upcoming Hurricane Relief Fundraiser. It is a coordinated fundraiser between SCAN, OWL, and SAC. Professors will be asked to temporarily dye their hair if they are the top finishers of the fundraiser which will run during the month of October. Details are subject to change while the 3 organizations finalize the details. The board also approved to donate $200 to the Tennessee flooding as a separate donation.

Marcus discussed the OU SCAN Food Drive Contribution. This runs from September 27th to October 8th. It is not a SCAN-only event, as we are supporting the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences (AGS) in this. There is a reward system for donating food items that give certain prizes such as a shirt, wooden plaque, or even checking off a service requirement.

Next up we discussed the SCAN/OWL Little Event. This will take place on October 23rd from 9 AM-12 PM. Members that participate can count this as the service requirement. We are working on forming a group for members to sign up with in order to volunteer together.

Leia went over the options for our Fall general meetings and some of the different people we could have speak at them. We also discussed some catering ideas for our general meetings and how our meetings will run. We then discussed some social event ideas. We also discussed some extra meetings such as the resume workshop and an REU/Hollings/Pathways workshop.

The next social event will be the Ghost Tour on October 22nd from 8-9:30 PM. It will start at Reynolds Performing Arts Center (North Oval Entrance). 

Sara discussed the Weather Friends at the National Weather Festival on October 29th. They will be there from 5:30-7 PM to pass out candy, trading cards, etc. There will also be a double feature movie of Coco and Twister.