February General Meeting

This month we had 2 guest speakers: Dr. Lodangco and Dr. Wootten. 

Dr. Wootten is a research scientist at the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center. She gave a brief introduction into climate projections including the Global Climate Model. She also talked about one of the projects she is involved with – the Late False Spring Exposure Index. She talked about some of the uncertainty in climate models and how that can be used for impact assessments. Her email is amwootte@ou.edu if you have any questions.

Dr. Lodangco is also a research scientist at the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center and she talked about drought forecasting in South-Central Oklahoma. She walked us through a simplified version of creating a model and gave some insight into the formula they used. This model will eventually be applied to other areas in Oklahoma and the US. 

After our guest speakers, Kaitlyn announced she was taking over the position of Outreach Coordinator for the remainder of the semester. She gave a quick overview of Weather Friends for any new members or anyone that wasn’t at our first joint meeting. If you are interested in joining, you can join the Weather Friends GroupMe! 

Leia then talked about the changes to our constitution from our last board meeting. She then talked about the upcoming events including the remaining DEI training and the March Social Event. There is a DEI training on Friday, March 4th from 2-3:30 pm in NWC 1313. On March 25th, we will be playing Family Feud. On March 28th, our general meeting guest speaker will be Landon Aydlett – the Warning Coordination Meteorologist for NWS Guam.

Marcus and Kaitlyn then talked about Big Event, which is OU’s official day of community service. The Big Event will be on April 2nd from 10 am-2 pm and members can register under the OU SCAN/OWL group. The last day to sign up is March 11th. 

Nic Nair and Lucas Sims were the winners of tonight’s attendance prizes.