July Officer Meeting

We opened the meeting by discussing the OWL/SCAN Joint Meeting that will happen on August 26th from 4-6:30PM. We will have a joint meeting in NWC 1350, and then use the shuttles to go to Reeves Park to party! We’ll have food trucks and games and DJ Nexxus will be there. For games, we are thinking about some icebreakers and some dodgeball/pinball conglomeration that Savannah came up with. We will also have a table with OU SCAN merch and for people to pay dues. 

The National Weather Festival will take place on October 19th from 10AM-2PM. This will be a great opportunity for the Weather Friends! We will be getting new stickers and cards for this event. We might also do some face painting. We will have a table to sell some of our older merch.

Savannah just got access to our bank account, so once she gets the bank statement, she will work with Andrew on finalizing the budget for this year, but it shouldn’t be much different from last year. 

We also discussed multiple t-shirt options for members, as well as officer shirts.

Everyone seemed to love our speakers last year and many liked having a zoom option. However, many did not like having zoom speakers or eating so late in the evening. This year we are thinking about having food at the beginning and then having the speaker start a little later so that people can get food at the beginning. We will also be able to eat inside 1313 again! We are also considering changing our meeting day so that more members can come – such as those that are in Pride. Savannah will get in touch with OWL Exec to make sure we don’t have meeting times that collide, and we want to make sure we aren’t having meetings in the same week.

As far as social events went, people really enjoyed trivia and bingo. We are thinking about trying social events in places other than the NWC such as on Campus Corner or even a picnic on the North Oval.

Savannah wrapped up the meeting with some expectations of us as officers.