October General Meeting

Don’t forget about the Hurricane Relief Fund sponsored by SCAN/OWL/SAC. As incentive for donations, some OU Meteorology professors will be doing TikTok dances if certain donation thresholds are reached. We have currently raised $1,000. This means that Dr. Amanda Kis, Dr. Cameron Homeyer, Dr. Elinor Martin, and Dr. Jeff Basara will be performing TikTok dances. However, we are still taking donations, so please donate because the next goal is $2,000 for yet another professor to do a TikTok dance.

Please join us for our October Social Event with AMS at Iowa State on October 20th at 7 pm CDT. We will be doing icebreakers in breakout rooms and working to network with fellow meteorologists from a different program.

Furthermore, a preview of our November General Meeting on November 5th at 6 pm CST. We will be having Ashia Owusu speak on diversity in STEM/Meteorology along with the importance of access to weather data.

Finally, we will be having Bill Walsh speak today about broadcast meteorology and a station tour. Bill Walsh is a broadcast meteorologist for WCSC-TV 5 Charleston, and he has won 2 Emmys. Broadcast meteorology includes building graphics, do the forecasting, do the radio segments, and get ready to speak on air just to name a few. Furthermore, broadcast meteorologists can experience a schedule where they do not have dedicated time off because they continue to tweet and monitor the weather to keep the public informed where other jobs are able to walk away from the office. He also provided a tour of the WCSC-TV 5 studio.