October Officer Meeting

We have officially hit the middle part of the semester. With this, we are planning on having a Social Event with ISU on October 20th at 7:00 PM CDT. We will be having breakout rooms to help with networking between the memberships.

We are also continuing the Hurricane Fundraiser through Hurricane Season. We have already raised $1000, and our next goal of $2000 will greatly help. Furthermore, if we reach $2000, some of the Graduate Student TAs will be performing a TikTok dance. We already have Amanda Kis, Cameron Homeyer, Elinor Martin, and Jeff Basara doing TikTok dances, and they would greatly appreciate if some of the TAs would have to do dances as well.

We are excited for our November General Meeting with Aisha Owusu on November 4th. She will be talking about diversity in STEM and meteorology, and she will be discussing the importance of access to weather data.

We are looking to start sending out monthly newsletters to our membership to help everyone stay up to date with everything OU SCAN. We are also about to start doing alumni spotlights to showcase all the fun and exciting things that our alumni are doing in the Meteorology community.