April Officer Meeting

The current board voted on 7 constitutional amendments to make the constitution more robust moving forward. Each amendment was unanimously passed. An updated constitution will be uploaded to our website soon.

Our last social event will be held with the New Student Mentoring Program on April 20 at 7 pm CDT.

For the 2021-2022 year, we sent out a poll to see what members thought about the semester. We got a total of 56 responses with representation from all five classes with the most responses from Sophomores (42.9%) and the least from Graduate Students (5.3%). 92.9% of responses indicated that people planned on being a SCAN member again next year. 55.4% of responses said that their favorite part of SCAN this past year was the general meetings while 44.6% said the social events were their favorite. 48.2% of responses indicated that they would like to see more social events, and 41.4% said they would like to have more diverse topics in the general meetings.

The old and new board discussed different things to do moving forward and different ways to continue to help SCAN be successful. 

April General Meeting

The OU SCAN April General Meeting was an eventful meeting with multiple different agenda items. The two major items include the results of the OU SCAN 2021-2022 Officer Board Elections and a talk by Dr. Kevin Kloesel about the ins and outs of emergency management.

The attendance record of the meeting can be found in the OU SCAN Master List 2020-2021. No record of attendance should be located in the meeting minutes.

With that said, the results of the elections are as follows for the Spring elected positions. They are:

  • President: Leia Otterstatter
  • Vice-President: Tie
  • Secretary: Preston Roesslet
  • Treasurer: Hunter Martinez-Buehrer
  • Publicist: Peyton Galyean
  • Senior Class Representative: Ben Kassel
  • Junior Class Representative: Joseph Rotondo
  • Sophomore Class Representative: Savannah Southward

We are honored to have a new incoming board of OU SCAN members to lead OU SCAN into the future as this year’s board prepares to leave office in May.

With that said, the rest of the meeting was Dr. Kevin Kloesel discussing the ins and outs of emergency management. Dr. Kloesel does teach the Applications of Weather Forecasting class in the Spring Semester here at the OU. He discusses the challenges of emergency management and how the public can sometimes be very unprepared for different hazards even with plenty of information warning of certain hazards. Many people do not follow the guidelines for what they should do when dealing with weather. Situational awareness is very important, but sometimes using technology too much can hinder situational awareness and become a problem. It is important to be aware of what the emergency plans are wherever you are. As meteorologists, we are meant to lead by example of knowing what to do in situations for various hazardous situations in order to keep people safe. It is okay to ask people/businesses what their plans are in order to learn and help teach the importance of emergency plans and situational awareness. It is also very important to be realistic when discussing the dangers of weather, and it is better to discuss the real dangers than to try and be cute and have rhyming catchphrases.

The complete meeting and discussion by Dr. Kloesel can be found on our OU SCAN YouTube channel in case you missed the meeting and are curious.