OU vs. UCLA Watch Party

Come join us for great food and football! Boomer Sooner!

September Officer Meeting

September 5, 2019

Measurable precipitation contest for 2019 will be announced announcing at next week’s General Meeting, submissions are due by the end of the October general meeting. The WxChallenge form will also be handed out on Tuesday along with the precipitation contest.

Constitutional proposal

Address tie-breaker protocols in elections (see Elections article)


  • Be sure to keep the SCAN Master List up to date in terms of inventory and budgeting. 
  • Promote the UCLA Watch Party @ O’Connell’s (September 14)
  • We are looking to replace Jens on the meeting next week, most likely going to use his recommendation as a fill in. Pizza will be the food of choice.

SCAN/OWL Collaborative Meeting Results:

  • 105 people in attendance
  • 71 paid members

Things to improve on for the next meeting include: accounting for more percent error within RSVPs in regards to food, and remembering everything to set up (e.g. remember paper towels). 

In terms of budget, catering costs have to be knocked down this year. There’s no room for error with the current budget.

Dates for upcoming meetings have mostly been arranged around Freshmen-Seniors exam schedule through this Fall semester.

The Hurricane Relief Fundraiser will be the three core SoM organizations (SAC, SCAN, and OWL). Someone needs to man the table at all times, whether we have a bake sale or just a donations box. 

The Chapter Poster for AMS should be started shortly by board members who are interested to help. 

August Officer Meeting

August 22, 2019

Vote on Co Advisor 

  • 7 in favor, 1 abstain 

Constitution Proposals 

  • Impeachment Clause, 7 in favor, 1 abstain 
  • Finances Clause, 7 in favor, 1 abstain 
  • Deputy of Media addition, 7 in favor, 1 abstain 
  • Officer Voting Clause, 7 in favor, 1 abstain 
  • Conference Travel Fund, 7 in favor, 1 abstain 

A brief discussion of who we are, the differences between AMS and NWA, and the roles of the various officers.  We discussed new content and the reboot of the YouTube channel. We will be adding general meetings, educational content, and weather friends content. Reviewed what the weather friends are and our efforts to get the weather friends to NWA. We hope to bring back the classroom visits this year and will be updating the looks of the weather friends. We reviewed the statistics and activities from last year. Went over the anticipated schedule for this year, subject to change based on exams and the likes.  

Pizza prices for the joint meeting: $5.99 for a one topping, $7.99 for a supreme from Pizza Shop. We will be ordering 20 pizzas, 9 pepperoni, 9 cheese, 1 gluten free, and 1 vegan.  

We discussed our proposals for a shared WxChallenge discussion session during Sunday nights and the creation of intramural sports teams as well as previewed the slides for the joint meeting. A new bank account with OU FCU will be opened. This will eliminate our fees from Bank of America. 

We discussed our speaker lineup for the September meeting and the structure. We could look at Jimmy Johns for food. Still trying to figure out a relatively cheap option since the funds are in flux. We also discussed speaker plans for October… we plan on asking Mike Conglio of NSSL to speak about TORUS. Discussed our overall goals for the semester as well as ideas that we have. Started the chapter poster discussion and our outline for it.