November General Meeting

November 19, 2019 

Addison Alford speaks on the SMART Radar trucks and more at the SCAN November General Meeting:

The SMART Radars offer high-resolution observations of storm-scale evolution of hurricanes, severe continental convection, and lightning. Goals of landfall observations within hurricanes for the SMART team include convective processes that can lead to intensification, rainfall/wind distribution, dynamic processes during landfill,, and near-surface evolution. They observed Hurricane Harvey in a long deployment, as they were ~10 miles inland from Rockport, Texas. Harvey’s landfall proved successful for the Smart Radar Truck team. It was recognized that the storm was propagating against the mean wind, consistent with VRWs. In a partnership with NSSL, Sean Waugh suggested the release of soundings into the hurricanes they deploy into. This was conducted in Hurricane Harvey, showing notable precipitable water into the interior edge of the eye wall of Harvey, likely reaching a record level (3.26 inches) for the United States. The team has also been deployed to Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Dorian, and more. Wrapping up he talks more about the Vortex Southeast campaign with the radar trucks. He speaks on different chases they experienced, and goes over the mesovortices in QLCS events that they were able to see in the radar imagery the trucks generated. April 14th, 2018 they showed that mesovortex tracks can last long periods of time and produce multiple localized tornadogenesis events in additions to straight line wind events. In summary, the utility of mobile radars lies in their ability to get close to their targets, maximizing resolution. “

November Officer Meeting

November 14, 2019

Presented the new tiebreaker clause to the board to be voted on in the January officer meeting.

Made the board member aware of the updated member list and inventory counts. Reviewed September and October financial status. Recouped 2/3 of the cost for the t-shirts. Reviewed attendance of the October meetings, which were significantly up. We received $350 dollars for the rest of this semester from SGA. We also discussed the future of the travel fund.

Gave an update on the YouTube channel. We reviewed what remained in terms of events over the next semester and looked going forward. We confirmed the hurricane forecasting workshop jointly with OWL. We discussed our November General Meeting catering as well as the 100 member celebration.

October Officer Meeting

October 3, 2019

Master list of inventory is up to date. Reviewed finances and inventories in preparation for National Weather Festival.

September’s general meeting and social event was reviewed. O’Connell’s was $610 for the event and largely successful. The management showed interest in hosting Groundhog Day. Most well attended social event thus far.

Discussed AMS centennial 100 member movement. This would be record-breaking membership levels. Discussed the breakdown of membership among classes and potential areas for improvement.

Discussed current financial health. Dr. Disaster will be added to the weather friends’ shirts line up for NWF this year. It will cost $556 in total. 15 YS-YL, 15 S-L, 10 XL. Due to the new shirts and general rising cost, we voted to increase t-shirt prices by $5 (11 for, 3 abstain).

YouTube channel has hit a snag that is currently under investigation. The weather friends will be making their first visit to Wilson Elementary on October 17, we are looking into having a live-stream of this event.

Discussed remaining events for the semester and ideas for the October social event, ended up canceling October social event. Discussed recruiting volunteers for NWF. People working the table or a Weather Friend have them fill out the form and they will be pulled later. Volunteer forms are due on October 11.

We changed the topic of the November meeting to be about the SMART Radar team because COCAMS was unable to meet at the new date. We are going to try to coordinate in the spring. Discussed the date of the graduate application workshop and set up for the pie the professor event. We also decided to order from Pizza Shop for the October general meeting, with the order identical to the one for September. Gave an update on the chapter poster.

Meteorology Career Mini-Conference

September 10, 2019

Joseph Trujillo, a masters student, spoke on communication in science. “Science isn’t finished until it’s communicated”- Sir Mark Walport. He shared his research called KPHI TV which strives to interpret the way broadcast meteorologists communicate during severe weather. Email for anyone interested in meeting the broadcast meteorologists coming to do research this October with KPHI. Find him on twitter: @LatinWx

Meteorologist Damon Lane spoke about how he got to be the Chief Meteorologist in OKC, giving the advice to have thick skin, and go where the job is after college. He emphasized the struggle of broadcast meteorology jobs out of college, and working up the market. He discussed the issues with the schedule of a broadcast meteorologist, not knowing when you’ll need to be called in the station. An interesting aspect he revealed about a television station is that they lose a lot of money if they can’t display commercials, so it isn’t for ratings that meteorologists hype up events. His final advice for students, keep your social media clean.

Roger Edwards spoke on his unconventional path in meteorology as the SPC lead forecaster. He talked about being transfixed by severe weather, and how meteorology was his calling. He attended OU, stating that the best thing to do in school is time management. “Be sure you learn as much as you can from the people you meet in this profession.” He worked with the NHC, and the NSSFC-SELS before coming back to Norman with the SPC. He mentioned respecting storms, saying its ok to love them but respect the damage they can do. His final words: put in the effort, self-discipline, take advantages of opportunities, have integrity, life balance, and pay it forward. Find him on twitter: @SkyPixWeather, and email:

Dr. Connor J. Flynn is a Senior Research Associate with the (CL)^2EAR Group with a unique career track. He was very into cooking from a young age, and translated that to science. He earned a B.S. in Physics from Eastern Washington, and later got his PhD in atomic physics to teach and conduct research from University of Idaho. A piece of academic advice: “If you take a punch in the nose [in terms of grades] don’t give up.” He talked about suppressing your pre-conceptions, trusting the science. He was employed by PNNL with the Atmospheric Radiation Measurements program, specifically with Aerosol Translator. He is very well-versed in field campaigns. He worked with NASA before Dr. Redemann invited him to work with (CL)^2EAR at OU.

OU vs. UCLA Watch Party

Come join us for great food and football! Boomer Sooner!

September Officer Meeting

September 5, 2019

Measurable precipitation contest for 2019 will be announced announcing at next week’s General Meeting, submissions are due by the end of the October general meeting. The WxChallenge form will also be handed out on Tuesday along with the precipitation contest.

Constitutional proposal

Address tie-breaker protocols in elections (see Elections article)


  • Be sure to keep the SCAN Master List up to date in terms of inventory and budgeting. 
  • Promote the UCLA Watch Party @ O’Connell’s (September 14)
  • We are looking to replace Jens on the meeting next week, most likely going to use his recommendation as a fill in. Pizza will be the food of choice.

SCAN/OWL Collaborative Meeting Results:

  • 105 people in attendance
  • 71 paid members

Things to improve on for the next meeting include: accounting for more percent error within RSVPs in regards to food, and remembering everything to set up (e.g. remember paper towels). 

In terms of budget, catering costs have to be knocked down this year. There’s no room for error with the current budget.

Dates for upcoming meetings have mostly been arranged around Freshmen-Seniors exam schedule through this Fall semester.

The Hurricane Relief Fundraiser will be the three core SoM organizations (SAC, SCAN, and OWL). Someone needs to man the table at all times, whether we have a bake sale or just a donations box. 

The Chapter Poster for AMS should be started shortly by board members who are interested to help. 

August Officer Meeting

August 22, 2019

Vote on Co Advisor 

  • 7 in favor, 1 abstain 

Constitution Proposals 

  • Impeachment Clause, 7 in favor, 1 abstain 
  • Finances Clause, 7 in favor, 1 abstain 
  • Deputy of Media addition, 7 in favor, 1 abstain 
  • Officer Voting Clause, 7 in favor, 1 abstain 
  • Conference Travel Fund, 7 in favor, 1 abstain 

A brief discussion of who we are, the differences between AMS and NWA, and the roles of the various officers.  We discussed new content and the reboot of the YouTube channel. We will be adding general meetings, educational content, and weather friends content. Reviewed what the weather friends are and our efforts to get the weather friends to NWA. We hope to bring back the classroom visits this year and will be updating the looks of the weather friends. We reviewed the statistics and activities from last year. Went over the anticipated schedule for this year, subject to change based on exams and the likes.  

Pizza prices for the joint meeting: $5.99 for a one topping, $7.99 for a supreme from Pizza Shop. We will be ordering 20 pizzas, 9 pepperoni, 9 cheese, 1 gluten free, and 1 vegan.  

We discussed our proposals for a shared WxChallenge discussion session during Sunday nights and the creation of intramural sports teams as well as previewed the slides for the joint meeting. A new bank account with OU FCU will be opened. This will eliminate our fees from Bank of America. 

We discussed our speaker lineup for the September meeting and the structure. We could look at Jimmy Johns for food. Still trying to figure out a relatively cheap option since the funds are in flux. We also discussed speaker plans for October… we plan on asking Mike Conglio of NSSL to speak about TORUS. Discussed our overall goals for the semester as well as ideas that we have. Started the chapter poster discussion and our outline for it.