February General Meeting

February 11, 2020

Dr. Somer Erickson is the National FEMA liaison to the Storm Prediction Center. After starting out in a different career path within meteorology looking at research and the NWS, Dr. Erickson was more interested in the impact side of the weather. Her duties as FEMA Liaison to the SPC include monitoring threats, conducting a daily FEMA headquarters briefing, writing reports, giving regional briefings, using GIS support networks, and NRCC responses. The creation of FEMA is a ‘newer’ government branch, and one that has taken some time to perfect. There are a multitude of jobs and careers within emergency management, varying from different aspects of weather to health, to environment, law enforcement, GIS, and more. She made a point to talk about volunteerism within emergency management, as most offices are always busy and could use whatever help they can get. This is beneficial to those wanting to get involved in the field. She urges you to contact your local offices if you want to learn more!”